About the course

If you're ready to push yourself to the limits and build a long lasting personal brand, learn how to monetize your social media and get the core fundamentals of what it  means to brand yourself online, you're i the right place!

  • Learn to leverage your personal brand for top tier employment opportunities.

  • Learn to sell and promote your creative gifts to the right amount of people

  • Learn how to approach brands for sponsorship

Personal Branding | Course 101

Finding your dream job has never been easier with personal branding.

Why I designed & built this course for you the user/student.

How to get the absolute most out of this course. 


What is a brand how is a personal brand different? 

Be it your dream job, creative passion, or business

this course can help you.

Course Outline & Curriculum 

1.Intro To Course

1.1 Lesson One The 5 Pillars of any successful personal brand

2. Lesson Two Picking your Niche And Target Audience


2.2. Lesson Two Contd Mood Boarding 101

3. Lesson  Three The Importance

Of Brand

Uniformity and Cohesiveness

4. Lesson Four Content Strategy and Development

5. Lesson Five Monetization and Selling Online

6. Closing Remarks &


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About your teacher

Zed is a multi-media performance artist and fashion apparel designer living in Toronto. As a design graduate of George Brown College School of Art and Technology, he knew that he needed not only to be able to brand others but also himself and quickly established his persona: Liam Zed The Designer.

As Liam Zed The Designer he dove into the design process to develop campaigns and designs for fashion, web graphics, and marketing. His eclectic and forward-thinking designs propelled him quickly through the ranks of major players in the music industry like Sony, developing branding campaigns for well-known festivals like Toronto Frosh and Everafter Music Festival.


According to Zed, Sony was his second major educational experience. While George Brown taught him to design, Sony taught him about working in a high-paced business environment. On the design process, not one to get comfortable, Zed exited Sony to begin a career for a freelance graphic design where he works on large fashion campaigns, as well as, creating marketing visuals whose branding power lifts small businesses above their competition.

Allison ( Mom, strength coach, model.)

Great course, rewatchable, and full of wonderful information. I really enjoyed it. Thank you Liam for helping me to reach another goal.

golf influ.jpg
Christian ( Father, golfer, model)

Not the greatest video quality and the audio could use some work...but otherwise a really good course. It got me where I needed to be. Thanks Liam

Linda & John ( Small business owners)

Liam is a very knowledgeable young man. He taught us much and proved to be able to back it up! We loved his course so much we decided to hire him full time. 

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You don't need to be perfect you just need to be authentic. 

Personal brands are becoming the most profitable and manageable online business today. Don't miss the chance to turn your creative passion into a means to supplement your income. Use these skills to help with 

your mortgage, go on vacation or simply do something nice for the ones you love.