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"Adidas Goes Solo: The Future of Yeezys Without Ye" Rebranding done right?

So, Adidas is planning on releasing more Yeezys, but without Ye, because apparently, the company has decided that making money is more important than sticking with a problematic artist. Shocking, we know. Ye and Adidas had a tumultuous nine-year relationship that ultimately came to an end after Ye made some pretty terrible comments. And let's not forget the time Ye accused Adidas of copying his Yeezy Slide design. Classic Kanye move, amirite?

But Adidas is determined to move on without Ye, claiming that it owns all the design rights for existing Yeezy products and plans to release new colorways as early as next year. Sneaker Twitter is skeptical, however, and doubts that the Yeezy brand will be able to generate the same hype without Ye's involvement.

Adidas expects to take a hit of $247 million this year due to its split with Ye, but it'll save around $302 million in 2023 by not having to pay royalties or marketing costs to the artist. Ohlmeyer, Adidas' CFO, was tight-lipped about the company's plans for existing merchandise and when it might release new Yeezy products. But hey, when the time is right, they'll let us know. We can hardly wait.

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