5 Reasons to take a job in: The Exciting World Of Interactive Media!

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First off what is Interactive Media?

See above video for a brief explanation.

Why is interactive media sector so exciting & why do I want a job in it?

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The above gif is from the Steve Colbert show

The world of digestible media has changed how we consume content, media and digital entertainment has changed rapidly in the last 5yrs. We now seek to watch and binge whole seasons at once, we are buying less and less cable packages in favor of watching shows online.

So what does this mean for us wanting to jump into the vast industry of interactive media?

It means that it has never been a better or more profitable time to be an interactive media expert...now I know what your saying that's a pretty Bold statement Liam...

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1: The industry is profitable and there's a HUGE demand for personnel.


But it's true check out this snip-it from https://www.statista.com

Media in Canada - Statistics & Facts

According to estimates published by PwC, the Canadian entertainment and media market was worth nearly 47.9 billion Canadian dollars in 2014 and it was expected to grow at an annual rate of five percent until 2019, to reach approximately 61.2 billion Canadian dollars.

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Now I am no expert on economics but if by next year it is estimated that the Canadian media sector is going to be worth 61.2 billion than perhaps this is a fast enough growing sector with plenty of jobs and clients in need of our services...

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2: The projects are exciting and fresh

But what is more exciting is what types of jobs and projects are out there for those in the interactive media sector! Take a look at the below video for what I mean.

Displayground - Interactive media wall^^^

Complete the Puzzle | Interactive Media Art by J Pak

3: its the future of advertising.

The first drinkable ad.


4: its the future period.

e learning augmented reality


5: Its a fun industry to be in and you are going to have a great time and oh wait did I mention its super profitable?

The world is changing we are becoming more at one with the technology we use. This means a greater need for interactivity and balance for man and machine. By being the ones getting in on the ground floor we can take the steering wheel and really dive in to these fun, new, exciting projects.

By becoming active members in the interactive media community and by really focusing on building successful projects not only can we get some serious 1's and 0's at the end of our hard earned pay-cheques...but have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!