Augmented Reality & Design : The Fashion Shopping Tool Of The Future.

Written By: Liam Zed The Designer & Kirtan Patel

What is Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.

( This definition was cited from This definition is part of our Essential Guide: From blockchain to RPA: A look at cutting-edge tech and the enterprise)

Amazon uses AR (augmented reality) to improve its shopping platform so you can view future purchases in your home.

AR view lets you view thousands of products in your home, before you buy them.

There is little to no doubt that augmented reality is the tool of the future, be it you catching Pokemon on the go or browsing for that future awesome table top for your home. The fact is augmented reality is already shaping how we interact with online media and information not just in the e-commerce realm but in the educational space as well.

Check out this funky way to buy clothes using Xbox 360 connect camera and your own living room to browse for clothing in real time from the comfort of your living room!!!

The super cool feature to try clothes before actually visit the store is here called as Augmented Reality in Fashion.

What is does ?

  1. You only have to stand in front of the system.

  2. Pick the clothes from the options.

  3. Choose size of yours.

  4. And see how it actually looks on you.

  5. Simple as that.

How the system works ?

The system is composed of two synchronized cameras attached to the sides of the middle of the computer screen, rear-projection system, display screen and a small number of retro-reflective markers as shown in the figure below.

The above fig was hastily made by me :P

To provide the user with presence, the width and height of the system should be bigger than the person.

The below diagram I quickly made up by me should fill in any missing details one might have

How it will look in Real Time

Augmented Reality Design Real Time View

Bonus: More examples of awesome ways AR is reshaping what we know about the world.

Medical students and students from all walks of life are using AR to learn, grow and rapidly evolve their skillset in these new cutting edge text books of the future.

'Prosthetic Reality' book brings augmented reality to art. Pair this book with an app, and the drawings come to life in a new style of art.