What Are the Advantages of a Diverse Workforce? Why design agencies should focus on diversity

What Are The

TOP 5 Advantages

Of A Diverse Workforce?

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The fact is the world's changed, we are no longer bound by our geographical locations when doing business, consistently doing business within our own culture or country or background is scarce. So bringing in a Workforce that has a different understanding or grew up in a different environment.

Diversity can help businesses not only attract new customers but talent as well. Allowing for expansion in different marketplaces throughout the globe...By understanding workplace diversity your company, design agency, or what have you, will bring a severe competitive edge against your competition.

In this blog post, I'm going to highlight a few of some of the many advantages of having a Diverse Workforce

1: Increase in Creativity

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Culture has a significant impact on who we are as people at a young age were imprinted by the rules and foundations of society and what it means to be a part of that Society. However different countries and cultures have different standards within Society. Yes, some fundamental rules cross cultures and borders yet for the most part how we approach and identify and following those rules changes.

This difference in "norm" is not necessarily a "lousy" thing or something to be scared of. Why some may find it frustrating to deal with other cultures and their rules, methodologies, and thought processes. To me and successful business across the globe, workplace diversity is a beautiful thing! It allows us to approach problems differently from a multitude of angles creating an even more immense multitude of solutions utilizing the lessons learned from different cultures and backgrounds. How we approach issues in our culture might be vastly different from how other people approach problems in their learning.

I remember in my travels working for various overseas design agencies their approach to designing for a target market or individual was fantastic. Involved meditating and building a Persona of someone within the Mind's Eye who their friends were what they like what they disliked visualizing them in a deep for an of hypnotic trance while speaking it to someone who would act as a transcriber. This meditated individual would then be passed off to someone to develop the core research for the team to design around.

This level of out-of-the-box thinking would never have been possible that I had not gone to a different culture and see how they approach building design Solutions for business problems. A diverse Workforce brings these alternative solutions to the table, and why we may not immediately use their Solutions at that given time. It will allow us to look at things differently and improve our problem-solving skills as a unified workplace collective.

Instead of looking down on other cultures and how they approach problem-solving it is far better to benefit from their methodologies adapt them to our own culture and improve the problem-solving process diversity creates strength that is proven in both science sociology psychology and art this is never truer than when dealing with creativity.

2: Positive Reputation

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But hiring more diverse cultures within your Workforce, you allow yourself to build a positive reputation as a business that has an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of background or upbringing. This is hugely important when recruiting new Talent press technology also connects us and also rapidly expands the marketplace as we focus more and more on digital Solutions, and the e-commerce new Talent from diverse cultures helps us break in and identify those marketplaces allowing us to build strategic relationships in foreign lands.

3: New Talent Pools

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As mentioned in the above section new Talent is essential in today's digital/global marketplaces. As corporations come to rely more and more on breaking into foreign rather than domestic markets in selling their goods. It will become crucial to identify, understand and relate to the external cultures we are now selling our product or service. This means recruiting Talent from outside our non-diverse backgrounds to help us adapt our work strategies in achieving success

4: Language skills can open doors for a business

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China India Europe all are extraordinarily viable and exceptionally important marketplaces each with a different language as we hire a more diverse Workforce we break through the communication barriers with language skills these various peoples bring to the table from their cultural upbringing and countries of origin.

5: Improves employee performance

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Cultural diversity also brings a healthy level of national competition this then trickles through the workforce creating improved employee performance and productivity. We all compete we all want a shiny new promotion we all want to do our own countries proud.

Utilizing this weekend creative vastly Superior Workforce with diversity being its core pillar We also allow for the inclusion of different productive working styles brought in by other cultures.

Different ideas and methodologies on productivity and drive can act as an overall lift for another wise stagnating or overly comfortable Workforce.


In conclusion, we should not let the cultures of others, the fear of hiring people with disabilities or the illusion of a conflict-free work environment. The deter us from what we know. Marginal conflict or friction creates the opportunity for changing new solutions to Old problems and an increase in Collective problem-solving. Diversity as continuously shown throughout nature creates a stronger unifying body, that is continually evolving to meet with today's needs unstable Global economics.

If we do not evolve we stagnate and if we deteriorate we fall behind and become obsolete.

Diversity is the key to evolving not only our business practices our Workforce and our clientele. But the key to success and staying relevant and a continually changing world.

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