7 Top Secret Researching Techniques That Are Sure To Wow Your Boss!

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You’re a shiny-eyed intern avidly awaiting your first assignment, the twinkle in your eye has yet to fade. Your delightful energy and upbeat attitude ignite the office with reliable and high energy. As such your boss has called you for an extraordinary assignment. He or she wants you to do some research on top trending Netflix shows of the last year.

But you have no idea how to start or where to even begin your search…well you’re in luck. In this handy dandy article, I will go through the steps of how to properly research a subject, in that case, any matter…

Step 1: Find general background about your problem/question.

Ok, pause before you begin your research it's time to scout out and get a lay of the land so to speak, i.e., determining whether there is enough information out there for you to build your topic/argument on. This means brainstorming your idea and locating what keywords revolve around your topic to build the premise of your research on.

You could do this by making a mind map, mood board, Pinterest page, etc. the point is generating thoughts on a page.

Step 2: Locate materials to support your topic and catalog your findings

Scouring the web and print for information regarding your subject/topic, in this case, it means finding the top trending Netflix shows of 2018. Some fantastic tools to help you in your cataloging, research and information development phase are…

Evernote, Google Trends, Buzz Sumo, ContentMine, and google scholar

Step 3: Evaluate your sources

Fact check, fact check, fact check with so much “fake news” being passed around it is easy to misread information or be misled. That’s why it is so important to check all the sources of your information before moving forward. This means seeing where the articles you are going to be citing or using as the fundamentals of your research are pulling their information from, if they aren’t credible sources than its time to move on and if they are trustworthy sources why not add them to research materials.

Step 4: Making notes & look for repeating patterns regarding

your topic.

Now that you have your research material it is time to make notes and abbreviate your topic research in your own words this can be done in point form. The goal here is to trim the fat of your topic research into clear easy to understand blurbs that you can then transfer and build on when writing your paper or content material. See if when making your notes from your content research that you look for patterns and highlight them in your writings.

Step 5: Write your paper and get some visuals

Ok, let’s turn those award-winning notes into an award-winning report, first things first though let's take a look at the key points outlined in our records that will become the legs of our report/paper for our boss. By now you should have a massive list of patterns regarding your topic and have neatly written them down in note form. It is now time to use them in the paper, start focusing on the question at a time until you feel you have clear written summary and report on your topic ours being Netflix trending movies. Now see if you can find some supporting visuals, charts or graphs to reinforce your report topics. If you cannot find any why not make some yourself.

Step 6: Cite your sources properly Make sure you sight all your sources no one likes a thief, give credit where credit is due! This also allows others are reading your report to view the links themselves and gain more information should they have the wish or deem it necessary.

Step 7: Spell and grammar Now comes the last and final step before handing off proofreading all your report making sure it is clear to understand, not filled with errors and is both professional looking and sounding. The last thing our boss wants is to hand off a shocking report to his or her superiors making their department look bad.

So we followed our steps, and our boss is thrilled with our report he now knows that the top 5 Netflix shows have an 80s theme behind them, similar casting choices, production budgets, and production teams. This will become the foundation of the next stage in programming for their new web series platform.

Good work!

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