The Art of Success in Website Design

The Art of Success in Website Design

At Liam Zed The Designer we have one main aim! To deliver our website projects on time and within budget, whilst at the same time exceeding the expectations of our customers.

But creating a perfect website is not a one way street, as even with our design flair and technical know-how, we need feedback and the collaboration of our clients.

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Cost Implications

One of the first things that many businesses think about when considering a new website is the cost, but without FULLY understanding the scope of any project, no web design firm can really give any business a firm price (no matter what anyone tell you). This is why Rouge don’t provide a quote when asked ‘how much’, but rather provide an estimate, which is only only changed into a definite quote when we both understand what is needed.

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Changing the Design

The look and feel of a site is a very personal thing, and every business has its own views on what is right for them. This is why we include a number of design revisions in the quote, not too many, as this increases the costs, but not too few as we want our customers to be able to get the very design they wanted.

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Project Management

This is an essential part of the website design process and the Project Manager that is assigned is there to make sure the whole project runs like clockwork. One of the main ways we do this (and to keep you fully in control of the costs) is to not start work on the final design, code or build, until our customer signs off that part of the project.

The Brief and Objectives

As stated, even before we can provide an Estimate, we need to understand what is needed. This is where our customers provide us with a detailed explanation of what they require, how the website will work with their organisation, and how it will meet the businesses objectives.

Detailed Functionality

In many cases our customers have some very specific requirements, such as Apps so that their clients can access information from their mobile phones.

All of the above allows us to create the estimate mentioned. It is then turned into a firm quote once the estimate is accepted and the Discovery Phase has been completed.

The Discovery Phase

This is a vital stage in the project, as it’s where the Project Specification document is agreed, including the creative, functional and strategic brief. At this stage we discuss your audience, how they will interact with the site as well as the current site (if there is one).

At this point some extra functionality issues often become apparent, which are costed and agreed before any further work is carried out.

We also provide at least two design concepts as well as a full Project Plan.

The User Interface Design Phase

With the overall design agreed (at the Discovery Phase) we can now start placing the items on the pages, all with the one target. Making it as easy as possible for your visitors to achieve the objectives you have set for the site.

The Content Phase

It is the actual content of a site that makes all the difference between success and failure, because it is the content that will engage your visitors and make them want to do business with you. Content is, however, a very ‘personal’ thing, thus in many cases we don’t create it. (We do, however, create all the pages needed for our clients to populate).

In some cases though, our clients just don’t have the time to create all the copy, or want it written in a manner that is more likely to catch the Search Engines attention. In these instances we can provide a full content creation service.

The Development Phase

Most of the time we use a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, with any development work being restricted to plug ins. Saying that, where necessary, this is the stage we create any special code needed.

User Acceptance Testing

This is the point where our clients get to test the site, to make sure that they are totally happy with the design and the operation of their site. Any fine tuning and snag fixing is carried out at this stage (all included in the costs of course).

The Launch

This is what all the work has been about, getting the site to the point where it can be launched. Even at this stage Rouge are there holding our clients hands, pre-testing and post testing the site.

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