The Great Canadian Design Review Episode 01| Pizzafest Toronto Design

After taking a very loooooonnnng break from YouTube your favorite Canadian designer is back and stronger than before.

The great Canadian design challenge (are you ready?) Post a reply to this video I want to hear your thoughts. Review a design of your choosing. It can be any type of graphic, logo or branded design element. The winner with the best reply video on a Canadian design review wins a FREE cellphone case with their channels logo on it or if you don't have a youtube channel logo. I will make you one for FREE instead. How does that sound? So get crackalackin!!!! RULES: All reply videos MUST be titled great canadian design challenge rebuttal, use the following tags in the tags section LiamZedTheDesigner, Great Canadian Design Challenge, LZTD Designs. BONUS POINTS to those who share this video on their social media pages!!!!

Do to some current health issues I am taking time away from the office Sandra is currently managing all projects and designs.

This is Sandra-->

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