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Landing Page Design: What You Need to Know

At Liam Zed The Designer, one of our many services is providing your business with highly functional, intuitive landing page design. A landing page differs from your home page. It basically is a standalone page that serves a focused or singular purpose. It is a follow up to various promises or information you might have given customers throughout your other content.


It is the next step or stop for your visitor, hopefully turning a guest into a buying customer. There are various types of landing pages, including those designed to generate leads. These often contain offers for free items, webinar registration, contest entries, etc.


The purpose of a well-designed landing page is to convince a customer it’s worth the effort and time to provide their details to your business, learn more about your business, purchase a product or to contact you for your services. Consequently, landing page design is vastly important to the overall success of your online presence.

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