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Small Business Design Help: Making Your Business Recognizable

Brand recognition is vastly important to any business, but especially vital to small business. Therefore, small business design services, such as help with logos, apparel and the like will have a big impact of your business’s overall success.


Liam Zed The Designer specializes in creating marketing visuals, including logos, which utilizes branding power to lift your small business above your competitors. Just consider famous logos you see and instantly know the brand to which they belong.


The golden arches of McDonalds, the Nike swish, the Mickey Mouse emblem of Disney; for example, and the list goes on and on. It is this kind of instant brand recognition and reputation small business design through Liam Zed The Designer will help you create for you own business.


Allows us to work with you to create an image/logo worthy of your business that will instantly communicate quality to your customers.

Proudly Canadian | We're a graphic  design and online business development agency. Located on the border of Scarborough & Pickering Ontario.
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